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Today, we live in a world that’s more connected, more fluid and more diverse than ever before, so raising and cultivating intercultural awareness in kids from a young age is really important. It’s vital for them to learn about and respect other cultures, whilst also appreciating their own, because our children are the adults of tomorrow - they are the ones who will create a better place for us all.


Following on from my previous bilingual picture book, Catch that Cat!, I wanted to create another easy to use resource to assist parents in teaching their kids Greek.

Trip to Greece

Trip to Greece is my brand new activity book, designed to provide an enjoyable and interactive way for your child to immerse themselves in another language. Each page is bright and colourful and offers multiple fun opportunities for your child to hear, speak, read and write Greek (activities vary on the child’s age and language ability).


I’m certain of the benefits of being fluent in a second language, and experts agree that bilingualism can enhance a child’s experiences both socially and educationally. Igniting the spark of curiosity about other languages and cultures in kids from a young age, bilingualism can improve knowledge and learning ability across various aspects of their lives.

Trip to Greece is an Australian-first for the Greek language – no other children’s’ bilingual (English/Greek) activity books of this kind have been published in Australia.

Catch that Cat!

Set on the island of Kythera, where it is common to see many cats lounging about on the walls and streets, Catch that Cat! is about Aphrodite, a curious cat with a sense of adventure. When she runs away from Yiayia’s house on Kythera, to explore the Greek island’s markets, festivals and beaches, she causes chaos and no one can catch her…except Yiayia, who knows that while Aphrodite belongs to Kythera, the best part of any adventure is returning home.


Inspired by Kanella (meaning cinnamon in Greek), a cat Melina spotted while on a relaxing beach holiday on the Greek Island of Kythera, who like Aphrodite only came home when she was ready, Catch that Cat! explores Greek culture and human–animal relationships, to highlight the ways we belong to family and community. The book is learning tool to help children connect, share and create meaning inspired by their favourite places, people and pets.


Tety Solou who lives in Athens illustrated the picture book. Since 1988 she has illustrated more than 150 books, created comic strips for major newspapers and magazines, and developed puzzles and board games for children.

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