Raising Global Citizens

May 13, 2015

Our world is full of culture, diversity and wonder, and as educators and parents, it’s our job to share the beauty of a multicultural world with our children. Raising global citizens can entail traveling to new countries, indulging in new cultural learning opportunities or even picking up picture books about other parts of our world. Here are a few more great ways to nurture our tiny global citizens.


Explore Language and Culture: Some of the most rich and meaningful culture comes from those who inhabited our world before us. Encourage your kids to learn about new languages, ethnic cultures and traditions such as foods and dance.


Recognize Global Events: June 18, marks the day the United Nations Commission on Human Rights adopted its International Declaration of Human Rights. October 7th is World Habitat Day and the second Multicultural Children’s Book Day was held on January 27th. Participate in these global celebrations with your family and create learning activities around them.


Find Culture and Diversity in Your Own Community: Our communities are filled with opportunities to explore museums, discover books at the library and watch plays or presentations that share other traditions, languages, beliefs and cultures. Make a plan to experience new things together and discuss what you learned afterwards.


Travel Without a Passport: Exposing our kids to new worlds through travel is amazing, but not within everyone’s budget. Raising global citizens doesn’t need to require a passport when you have imagination and some pretty stellar resources! Even young children can appreciate the images and simple information within kid-friendly magazines like Click or National Geographic Kids. Websites like the fun and info-packed Kidworldcitizen has a vibrant (and growing) database of multicultural activities that parents can use to introduce their child to the wonderful world we live in through crafts and recipes, literature, music, and more.


No matter what your child’s age, strive to “travel the world” with them. Reach out to other multicultural/global families who believe in teaching their kids about the world and share ideas, notes and adventures!


I’d love to know your thoughts, so please get in touch via the comments.




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