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Qld children's author teaching kids the importance of cultural identity

14 December 2015 , ABC Radio 612

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Searching for Sanity

21 December 2015

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The Southern Star

Quest Newspapers 

Wednesday 9 December 2015, p. 58





Jena Woodhouse
Author of 'Dreams of Flight' (short stories), Riverbend Books


"At first sight of the cover, the reader is charmed and engaged by Catch that at, and the story and illustrations enhance this impression. You're so sorry to arrive at the last page that you just have to read it again.


The synergy between author Melina Mallos and artist-illustrator Tety Solou is magical. The illustrations are fresh and appealing, bringing the endearing characters and their island of Kythera to life before our eyes, and the story of Aphrodite the cat’s escapades is an adventure any child, parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle can enjoy, preferably together, as it is a book that invites sharing. 


Children I know have been delighted to receive this book. They adore it, they treasure it, and we all want more! Parakalo poly!" 

Brisbane News

Article by Elizabeth Sherwood
Brisbane News
Issue 1089: May 13 – 19 2015


Greek Community

Litsa Stilianos.

Director, Greek Orthodox Community Child Care Centre (Brisbane)


“In this incredibly entertaining and beautifully illustrated bilingual book, Melina Mallos manages to capture the essence of Greece and relay the message of its people, traditions, and history through the fun-filled adventures of Elesa and her cat Aphrodite.


Catch that Cat! helps children to value their own heritage, languages and beliefs, as well as those of others. A truly captivating story that will encourage children’s imaginations and ignite a spark of curiosity about Greece.”

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