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Melina Mallos is one of Australia’s leading experts and writers in art education, writing and culture for children.


Melina offers 15 years of experience in creating children’s interpretive models, programs and resources.  She is especially passionate about engaging children with art, reading and writing, and connecting them through multicultural appreciation - their own cultural heritage and that of others.  


Being Greek-Australian, Melina has created and publishing two bilingual Greek/English books for children – one a captivating picture book, the other a colourful work book, complete with activities. She is also currently working on a number of other engaging titles, to be published in 2017.  


As the Founder and Director of the recently launched Children’s Author Academy,  Melina proudly shares her unique methodology and experience in writing for children, through her specialised courses delivered online and in person.


Melina was selected as a Queensland-Smithsonian Fellowship recipient in 2010, researching museum based-learning in Washington D.C  She has also completed Masters of Education (Research) in children’s  activities and engagement in art museums.



Melina can currently be engaged for the following services:

Children’s Picture Book Author Coaching, Writing, Publishing and Mentoring


  • Children’s picture book author coach and mentor services (also for children’s bilingual books)

  • Personalised children’s picture book commissions – a thoughtful gift that will mean your own family’s memories will be treasured and enjoyed forever

  • Professional evaluations of book content and concepts

  • Creation and delivery of writing programs for children

  • Sign up for an affordable online course, completed at your own pace and from your own location. Titled 'Writing for Children with Melina Mallos', it includes a series of four modules delivered by short instructional videos and activity-focused worksheets. The  course material covers important topics like choosing the theme for your book, creating your narrative, sourcing and working with an illustrator, editing your book, the different options for publishing, and marketing your book after its launch.   

Children’s Program Facilitator/ Cultural Learning/ Workshop Presenter/ Keynote Speaker on Multicultural Appreciation for Children

  • Creating instructional content and resources for child educators and parents on topics including multiculturalism for children, and writing for children

  • Professional presentations, workshop delivery and keynote speaking on topics of expertise (art education, writing and culture for children)

  • Creating and delivering training workshops and educational resources for schools and teachers, having demonstrated proven success in events and exhibition management and project management.


Freelance Writer and Editor/ Academic Writer/ Article Writing for LinkedIn and other Online Platforms

  • Freelance writer on topics including business, human interest and family/parenting

  • Academic writing, editing and proof reading

  • Article writing (ghost writing) on behalf of academics and professionals on their topic of expertise, for posting on LinkedIn, their own website, in journals, magazines, online. 



To purchase a copy of Melina’s books, please click here.

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